The cornerstone Studios

The Cornerstone Studios was established in 2001 as Cornerstone Beauty LLC, and quickly became one of Greenville, South Carolina’s leading Salons. We offer an individualistic approach with every guest, as well as bringing an innovative approach to the beauty industry. Our teamwork approach to professional services rendered has earned us five star reviews from visitors/guest alike. What sets The Cornerstone Studios apart is that each studio owner takes great pride in their ability to service you as their guest.

The  Cornerstone Studios offers an environment centered around empowerment and professionalism. It gives licensed professionals, like you, the opportunity to grow their businesses alongside like-minded individuals while maintaining their independence. The management of The Cornerstone Studios has a caring approach. They have a progressive Vision and Mission and their values foster cooperation among the studio owners.

The Cornerstone Studios Vision

Create a chain of locations where beauty professionals can rent space and team in an environment that is consistently peaceful, relaxing, clean, secure, and growing to support them in providing value to their clients.


Maintain and manage all locations with a consistent list of standards to insure professionals are able to service clients at their greatest potential.


Respect, Integrity, Stewardship, Quality, Growth, Teaming, and Accountability are Characteristics that will be used and measured in this process.